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Lync Logistics

Shipping freight isn’t simple. But we make it simpler.

Why Freight Brokers are the Worst

…and why should hire a fixer.

Plenty of people hate freight brokers. And we get it.

Ask carriers. Ask shippers. You’ll hear countless tales of brokers being unresponsive, dishonest, delayed in payments, and unreliable with loads. That’s a list of several horrible things. No wonder so many people in the industry have lost faith in brokers. They’re the worst.

This is where you’re probably asking the question, “Wait… aren’t you brokers?” Technically, yes. But we’ve taken this business to another level, so we needed a better name.

We aren’t brokers. We’re fixers.

We got into this business to fix the broken system of brokering freight. Okay, but what’s the difference between a broker and a fixer? Glad you asked.

Chart of characteristics of Brokers vs Fixers

Wait…why not just cut out the middleman? 

While this can eliminate the hassle and frustration of dealing with oh-so-many ineffective brokers out there, it creates even more damaging hassles and frustrations for your business. Coordinating the work of the shipper with that of the carrier requires a thorough understanding of regulations and responsibilities on both sides, as well as a keen awareness of the pricing and reliability of all the competitors out there.

This is where a fixer comes in.

Hiring an expert who can keep track of all of the various shippers and carriers available and maintain partnerships with the best ones will ultimately get you the best deal on moving your freight. Even when factoring in the cost of commission, a fixer saves you money.

Beyond just getting you the best prices, a quality broker brings a level of expertise and follow-through that ensures you’re always getting the highest quality loads and service and always working within regulations. This means fewer mistakes, less work, and less stress.

And on top of all that, our fixers track your freight through the driver’s phone so you can always feel secure that it will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

So drop the brokers. You need a fixer. And what do you know! Here’s a link to contact one right now.