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Lync Logistics

Shipping freight isn’t simple. But we make it simpler.

Better Freight Brokering Starts with Happy People

…how we turned integrity into a business model. 

We’re here to fix the broken business of brokering freight. But to be honest, it didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, our main goal was to simply create a place where people wanted to work. That was it. Our president and CEO, Cindy Lee, had run a trucking company and believed she could accomplish that goal.

So she did.

Creating better work by creating a better workplace

What we learned: when you create a place where people actually enjoy working, not only is everyone happier and more pleasant in general, everyone also does better work. A lot better… Like, way better…

This may seem like common sense, but in an industry as large and competitive as this one, companies cut all sorts of corners to make a buck, which pressures competitors to do the same. Employee happiness quickly loses priority because it seems like a perk rather than a key component to a successful business.

That’s not how we roll.

Expanding our mission

The more energy we put into ensuring our employees felt empowered, the more they grew the business and the better service they provided. By treating our employees with integrity, they in turn treated our clients with that same integrity. Fast forward to this year: when Inc. listed us among the 500 fastest-growing companies of 2018. This has been an incredible honor because it affirms that by working hard to make LYNC a great place to work, we have also created a great business for our clients.

Because of this success, we have since expanded our mission beyond creating a great place to work. We now want to prove that there’s a better way to broker freight, and because of our wonderful team, we now know that we can. Yeah, so we have some happy employees and we’re growing fast, but what really qualifies us to change how freight is brokered? Good question. Here are two good answers:

First, we know trucking. Really well.

This is key because trucking is the backbone of the entire freight industry. We don’t believe you can build the most effective brokerage without understanding the needs and responsibilities of the trucking side of the business. It’s just not possible.

Lucky for us, our CEO ran a trucking company. Beyond knowing the ins-and-outs of how the trucking industry functions, she also brings to LYNC an empathy for the driver’s experience. This means that we work hard to simplify the truckers’ work and empower them because, as we proved with our own employees, people who work happy, work better.

Second, we’re women-owned.

Women are born with an extra cone in their eye which allows them to move freight better. It’s just true. It’s biology.

Ok. No. Not really. Being women-owned does work to our advantage, though. In an industry dominated by the male perspective, we bring a different way of looking at things. Combine that fresh take with our proven experience in the industry, and that’s a powerful combination. We offer a new way of tackling problems and never say “well, that’s how things have always been done.”

When it comes down to it, we can tell you all this, but you really need to see it in action to believe it. We’re unlike any freight brokerage you’ve ever worked with. So give us a call, and let us show you the new way of moving freight.