Lync Logistics

Lync Logistics

Shipping freight isn’t simple. But we make it simpler.

Truckin’ into 2021

…and leaving 2020 in the rearview. 

I think it’s safe to say that across the world people are celebrating the departure of 2020. Wildfires, tornadoes, social injustices, a pandemic—phew.

What did that mean for us?

Well, we spent some time apart. As COVID swept through the states, we sent everyone home for about 3 weeks as we set up the office for optimal social distancing conditions. If you didn’t know, moving freight is an essential business—did someone say toilet paper?

Since returning to the office, our crew has played it safe and kept COVID out, for which we are very grateful. The days of hot dog eating contests, group lunches, and full-team conference room meetings are behind us for now, but we’ve still found ways to stay entertained, and that might or might not include adding some more Junior Happiness Officers to the mix


What did that mean for freight?

It’s hard to sum up an entire year of freight, especially a year like 2020, so we’re just going to go with different. Different freight, different destinations, different modes.

Have you gotten tired of hearing the words essential and non-essential yet? We haven’t, we’ve been too busy getting those essential items, like toilet paper, to where they needed to be. With COVID affecting markets and industries around the globe, we also saw a shift from truckload to intermodal, ocean to air—things started traveling in new ways and everyone had to adapt.

What’s next?

It’ll be a wild year with a change in political administration, COVID surges, and the distribution of the vaccine, causing some inconsistencies in demand for freight. However, with the possibility of people shifting from shopping at home to heading back out to restaurants in venues later in the year, a shift in freight will coincide.

Just know that here at LYNC, we’re still social distancing, wearing our masks, and taking our health and safety seriously, so that we can continue to move whatever freight you’ve got.