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What is Considered Over Dimensional Freight?

Over Dimensional Freight, often referred to as over dimensional cargo (ODC), over dimensional load (od load) or oversized freight, encompasses goods that exceed the standard dimensions of typical cargo. These shipments can be exceptionally heavy, large, or irregularly shaped, making them a distinct category within the logistics landscape. From massive machinery and construction equipment to wind turbine blades and industrial components, over dimensional cargo spans a wide spectrum of industries and products.

The guidelines for an oversized load can vary by state but the general guidelines are as follows:

The maximum width for over dimensional freight or wide load is typically around 8.5 to 10 feet (2.6 to 3.0 meters). Some states may allow wider loads with a special permit.

Overhead clearances on roads and bridges usually limit the maximum height of over dimensional freight to about 13.5 to 14.5 feet (4.1 to 4.4 meters). Loads higher than this may require route planning to avoid low-clearance obstacles.

The maximum length for over dimensional freight can vary significantly. It can range from 48 to 53 feet (14.6 to 16.2 meters) for a single trailer. However, some states allow “stretch” trailers or configurations that can extend the length further.

Weight restrictions are a crucial consideration for overweight freight. The maximum weight allowed can differ widely, and it depends on axle configurations and the type of roads traveled.

Over dimensional shipments typically require permits, which are issued by state or local authorities. These permits specify the allowable dimensions and routes for the shipment. The type of permit required (e.g., annual, trip, or superload) varies by jurisdiction.

Many states require escort vehicles or a pilot car to accompany over dimensional shipments. These escort vehicles help ensure the safety of the cargo and other road users by providing warnings and assisting with traffic control.

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More Than A Freight Broker - We are Your OD Logistics Partner

Lync Logistics is here to help you navigate over dimensional freight regulations to ensure that your oversized shipments comply with state and federal laws. With over 25 years of trucking industry experience, we offer:

Lync Logistics has a deep understanding of oversized shipment regulations across various states and regions. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of state-specific rules and can help you plan your ODC shipments.

We can assist in obtaining the necessary permits for your over dimensional shipments. This includes securing annual permits, trip permits, and any special permits required for superloads or unique cargo.

Our logistics specialists are skilled in planning the most efficient and compliant routes for over dimensional freight. We consider factors such as road clearances, weight limits, and bridge capacities to select the safest and most suitable path.

When an escort vehicle is required for your shipment, Lync Logistics will arrange a certified escort. These vehicles play a crucial role in ensuring safety during transit by managing traffic, providing warnings to other road users, and helping navigate. 

Proper documentation is essential for compliance. We ensure that all necessary permits and paperwork are in order, providing you with peace of mind that your shipment is fully compliant.

Our commitment to serving you goes beyond traditional business hours. With our 24-7 phone support, you have a dedicated team ready to assist you around the clock.

Types of Over Dimensional Freight We Handle

At Lync Logistics, our specialization in over dimensional freight encompasses a wide array of cargo types, each presenting its unique set of logistical challenges and requirements. We have the expertise and capabilities to efficiently manage various forms of oversized and irregularly shaped cargo, ensuring secure and compliant transport. Explore the diverse range of over dimensional cargo we handle:

From bulldozers and excavators to cranes and generators, we facilitate the transportation of heavy equipment crucial for construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects.

Oversized components, such as steel beams, industrial tanks, and manufacturing modules, often require specialized logistics solutions. We’re equipped to move these components with precision.

The renewable energy sector relies on the delivery of oversized wind turbine blades, towers, and nacelles. Our expertise ensures these critical components reach wind farm sites intact and on schedule.

Large-scale telecommunications infrastructure, such as cell towers and antenna arrays.

Oversized construction materials like precast concrete elements, bridge segments, and architectural features require meticulous planning to navigate tight urban environments and reach construction sites.

Large farming equipment, such as combines, tractors, and irrigation systems, benefit from our tailored transportation solutions designed to accommodate their size and weight.

Large aircraft parts, including wings, fuselage sections, and engines, rely on our expertise to ensure safe and efficient transport to assembly facilities.

Transporting oversized vehicles, including military vehicles, buses, and specialty vehicles, requires knowledge of specific weight and size restrictions in different regions.

Our ability to manage a diverse range of over dimensional cargo is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to tailoring solutions to each client’s requirements. Lync Logistics has the experience and resources to ensure your oversize shipment reaches its destination safely, securely, and within compliance.

over-dimensional load construction equipment
over dimensional load equipment

Network Access to Specialty Equipment for Your Over Dimensional Freight?

A flatbed trailer is versatile and widely used for oversized cargo. They come in various lengths and weight capacities to accommodate different types of over dimensional freight.

Extendable or stretch trailers can be adjusted to varying lengths, making them suitable for transporting cargo of different sizes while maintaining stability.

Lowboy trailers have a low deck height, allowing them to transport tall and heavy items, such as large construction machinery or industrial equipment.

Step-deck trailers have a lower deck in the center, providing extra clearance for taller cargo while still allowing for traditional loading on the upper deck.

Double-drop trailers have an even lower deck in the center, making them ideal for extremely tall cargo that wouldn’t fit on a standard lowboy.

RGN trailers feature a removable front, or gooseneck, allowing cargo to be driven onto the trailer. They are commonly used for oversized and heavy machinery.

Trailers with multiple axles distribute the weight of the cargo more evenly, reducing the risk of damage to roads and bridges and complying with weight restrictions.

These specialized trailers have an open deck with no sides, making them suitable for transporting large and irregularly shaped cargo, such as construction components.

Heavy haul transportation trucks are equipped with powerful engines and multiple axles to handle the weight of an oversized heavy load.

In cases where cargo needs to be loaded onto trailers at the origin or unloaded at the destination, cranes and loaders may be required.

The choice of equipment depends on the specific requirements of the over dimensional cargo and the logistics of the transportation. Lync Logistics has access to a range of specialized equipment and can select the most suitable options for each unique shipment.

Lync Logistics – Your Over Dimensional Freight Experts

With over 25 years of industry expertise, an extensive network of vetted carriers, and a commitment to safety and compliance, we’re here to make your oversized logistics seamless. Contact us today to discuss your unique cargo requirements and let our experienced logistics team tailor a solution that is cost-effective, safe, and compliant.