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Intermodal Freight Services

At Lync Logistics, our passion and expertise lie in intermodal logistics, making us the preferred partner for businesses seeking to elevate their supply chain strategies. With years of industry experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we have honed our skills to offer best-in-class intermodal brokerage services. Our ability to seamlessly incorporate intermodal shipping services into any company’s logistics strategy is a testament to our commitment to tailored solutions.

Intermodal transportation is a versatile approach that seamlessly integrates various modes of transportation – from trucks and railways to ships and cargo planes – into a single, coordinated supply chain solution. This method optimizes the movement of goods, making it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, or any other entity involved in the supply chain, intermodal transportation has the potential to transform your operations.

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Advantages of Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal shipping is a highly cost-efficient solution. By seamlessly integrating various modes of transportation such as trucking, rail, and maritime, it optimizes the use of each mode’s strengths while minimizing their respective weaknesses. This synergy translates into reduced transportation costs, as intermodal logistics often offer economies of scale and competitive pricing. Additionally, the ability to cover long distances via more fuel-efficient modes like rail, paired with the inherent capacity for larger cargo volumes, further contributes to cost savings.

Intermodal shipping is renowned for its high level of reliability, making it a preferred choice for businesses worldwide. This reliability stems from its ability to diversify transportation modes, reducing the vulnerability to disruptions that can affect a single mode, such as road congestion or weather-related delays. In addition, intermodal shipments often have contingency plans in place, ensuring that even if one mode encounters unforeseen issues, the cargo can seamlessly transition to an alternative method, minimizing downtime.

Intermodal freight offers a heightened level of security by minimizing direct handling throughout the transportation journey. Intermodal containers are sealed securely at the point of shipment, safeguarding the contents from unauthorized access and tampering. This meticulous sealing process, combined with the standardized and robust construction of intermodal containers, significantly reduces the risk of damage and losses to your valuable freight. 

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, intermodal transportation stands out as a greener option, with reduced emissions and a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional transportation methods.

Intermodal shipping stands out for its remarkable versatility in meeting a wide range of cargo transportation needs. Whether you’re moving standard palletized goods, oversized equipment, perishable goods, or specialized freight, intermodal logistics has the flexibility to accommodate diverse cargo types. It seamlessly integrates various modes of transportation—trucks, railways, ships, and more—allowing for a tailored approach to suit specific cargo requirements and delivery deadlines.

At Lync Logistics, we’ve harnessed the power of intermodal transportation to provide our clients with efficient, sustainable, and customized logistics solutions. Our intermodal freight brokers are committed to excellence and have a deep understanding of the logistics landscape, ensuring we deliver results that matter.

Lync Logistics Intermodal Services

Our diverse range of service offerings is designed to cater to your unique shipping needs, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and cost-effectively. Our intermodal service includes:

Intermodal Rail Transportation: Harnessing the efficiency of rail networks, we seamlessly integrate rail transport into your supply chain. With extensive coverage and reliable schedules, intermodal rail transportation is reliable and cost-effective.

Intermodal Trucking Services: With a vast network of intermodal carriers, we offer unparalleled capacity to handle a wide range of intermodal shipment volumes. Our freight carriers offer the flexibility necessary for local pick-up and delivery, ensuring your cargo’s smooth transition between modes of transport.

Container Shipping: We provide secure, standardized intermodal container shipping, optimizing the packing and handling of your goods. These containers are designed to protect your cargo from the elements and ensure safe transportation.

Intermodal Drayage: Our drayage carrier services bridge the gap between the rail yard, port, and final destinations, ensuring efficient cargo transfer and minimal downtime.

Specialized Cargo Handling: For oversized, high-value, or sensitive cargo, we offer specialized handling solutions, including secure loading, lashing, and climate-controlled options.

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Is Intermodal Shipping Right for My Business?

You should consider utilizing intermodal shipping if you regularly ship freight over 700 miles, frequently ship to the same locations, or are committed to sustainability. Intermodal transportation is an ideal choice for long-distance shipping, as it leverages the efficiency of rail and other modes to reduce costs. If your company has consistent shipping patterns or recurrent routes, intermodal can provide stability and cost savings. Moreover, for businesses aiming to reduce their environmental footprint, intermodal shipping offers a greener alternative compared to other methods, making it a strategic choice to align with sustainability goals.

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Why Choose Lync Logistics for Your Intermodal Logistics Needs

When it comes to entrusting your cargo’s journey to a logistics partner, we understand that reliability, accessibility, and a strong track record matter most. At Lync Logistics, we’re committed to offering you a level of service that sets us apart. 

Single Point of Contact: We believe in simplifying your logistics experience. That’s why, with us, you’ll have a dedicated, single point of contact who understands your unique needs and is readily available to address your questions, concerns, and requirements. This personalized approach ensures that you have a partner who’s fully invested in your success.

24/7 Phone Support: Logistics doesn’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. With our 24/7 phone support, you can reach out to us anytime, day or night. We’re here to provide assistance whenever you need them, ensuring peace of mind and timely solutions.

Over 25 Years Experience: With a legacy of 25 years in the freight industry, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Our seasoned freight brokers have navigated the evolving logistics landscape, adapting to industry changes, and embracing innovative solutions. You can trust that your freight is in the hands of experts who understand the intricacies of intermodal freight transportation.

Clients Are Part of Our Family: We are more than a freight brokerage company. We take pride in treating our clients like family. Honesty and respect are at the core of our mission. We prioritize transparency in every aspect of our service, from pricing to communication. Our commitment to building long-lasting relationships is reflected in the trust and loyalty our clients place in us.

Choosing Lync Logistics means choosing a partner dedicated to simplifying your logistics, providing round-the-clock support, and leveraging decades of experience to ensure your cargo reaches its destination reliably and efficiently. We don’t just move freight; we build partnerships that last.

Elevate your Logistics Strategy

Ready to streamline your supply chain and experience the benefits of efficient intermodal logistics? Contact us today and discover how our expertise can elevate your logistics strategy. Let’s move your business forward together with a cost-effective transportation solution