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LYNC in the News – Fall 2023

LYNC Logistics Founder and President Cindy Lee is a pioneer who has truly changed the logistics industry. In 2014 when she launched LYNC Logistics, she knew what she was up against. Cindy was stepping into an industry traditionally dominated by men. Of course, there were doubters and people who said she couldn’t do it, but she let that negativity go in one ear and out the other. Today, LYNC is a multimillion-dollar company that continues to make waves in the logistics industry. The Chattanooga Times Free Press EDGE Business Magazine and the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce recently highlighted LYNC and Cindy Lee. Keep reading to see where we’ve been “in the news.”

EDGE Business Magazine

In July 2023, Cindy Lee graced the cover of  EDGE Business Magazine. She was honored to be featured in an article focused on women making a splash in the transportation industry. In the article titled“How women are taking the wheel and making inroads into the traditionally male-dominated trucking and logistics industries,” Cindy shared some of the challenges she faced when she first started LYNC. For instance, she ran into issues with gender bias when she tried to secure a line of credit in her name. “… I called a bank that my husband and I used, that his company used, and asked for a line of credit in my name. I told them I would give a personal guarantee,” Cindy told EDGE Business Magazine. “The bank said unless I was willing to pull the amount I was asking for out of my investment account and move it to their bank, I could not have a line of credit. If it had been my husband, he would have been given the line of credit with no questions.” Cindy also spoke with the publication about how women were created to thrive in the world of logistics because of their ability to problem-solve all day, every day. “Women are problem solvers,” Cindy told EDGE Business Magazine. “I think we’re hard-wired to look at how to solve problems and make things work easier. If you’ve ever been in a household with three children … you are spending all day, every day solving logistical problems. What better skills do you need in a workforce?”

In addition to spotlighting Cindy, EDGE also highlighted Women in Trucking Association President & COO Jennifer Hedrick and Chattanooga truck driver Wyzeena Henny. 

To read the whole article, visit the Chattanooga Times Free Press website

Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

At LYNC, we’ve always been committed to creating a workplace where parents could be parents AND employees at the same time. This means removing concerns about finding a babysitter when school is canceled at the last minute or having to worry about being fired for missing multiple days with a sick child. Simply put, our office is made for families… and dogs. You’ve seen us feature Chief Happiness Officers Evie and Joe on Facebook and Instagram. 

Evie and Joe

They really do bring our office a lot of joy, and so do our employees’ kids. LYNC is thrilled to be among the 38% of businesses in Tennessee that offer parental leave. We’re also among the 3% of businesses in the state that allow parents to bring their kids to the office. These statistics were shared in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Employee Benefits Survey. We invite you to hit play on the video below to learn more about how LYNC balances both family and business values. We also published a blog devoted to parenting in the workplace. You can read it by clicking here.

Wrapping Things Up

LYNC is in the business of caring for its customers AND its people. Knowing your kids are safe, happy, and healthy makes it much easier to focus at the office. If you are interested in joining our LYNC family, you can inquire about career opportunities on our website. Thank you to both the Chattanooga Times Free Press and the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce for highlighting LYNC and Cindy Lee!