What's the difference? Let us show you.

Shipping freight isn’t simple. But we make it simpler.

Take a look at LYNC, and see how we deliver on our mission.

Our History


Lee family establishes a regional trucking company


Cindy Lee and her three daughters establish Lync America


Annual revenue will exceed $30 million


Lync America becomes LYNC Logistics


Ranked #415 on the annual Inc. 500 list


Ranked #366 on the annual Inc. 500 list


LYNC revenue surpasses $34 million.

Meet Our Team

Decades of experience. Unshakeable integrity. Killer smiles.

Cindy Lee
President & CEO
Before founding LYNC, Cindy served as vice president of human resources at a large commercial truck dealership, then as president of a regional freight carrier operating more than 50 trucks. Raising three daughters honed her ability to detect malarkey in all its forms. In working with Keith, Mathew, and Jeff, this skill is highly useful.
Taylor Vinson
Executive Vice President
Taylor has been around the trucking business for 32 years. In addition to her role at LYNC, she serves as VP of marketing for a large commercial truck dealership. She previously worked for Tigers Unlimited, the fundraising arm of the Auburn University Athletic Department. On Saturdays in the fall, you’ll find her cheering—too loudly—for the Tigers.
Keith Gray
Vice President, Operations
In his 25 years of supply chain experience, Keith has managed manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation. He has six years of 3PL experience with Access America, Coyote, and LYNC. He has overseen more than 1,200% in revenue growth in the last three years. Some people call him Karl. Don’t ask why.
Chief Happiness Officer
Rusty is fiercely responsible for approximately all of the smiling faces you see around our offices, he takes his position very seriously. If he sees happiness is lacking, he's quick to correct with a nip to your toes before treating you to a smile. He'll do anything for a donut.

Affiliations + Accolades

LYNC included in the 2018 Inc. 5000

Every year since 1982, the Inc. 5000 list honors the fastest-growing companies in America. We’re honored to be on the 2018 list, among so many incredible companies and business leaders. Clearly, LYNC is going places.